Whether it's an ice-cold Pepsi or Coca-Cola, we all like to enjoy a refreshing soft beverage once in a while.  But what do you call this drink?

Last week, Mark and I wanted to see if listeners were on Team Pepsi or Team Coca-Cola.  Coca-Cola came out victorious, but then we thought of another debate question that seems to come up.  Do you call a soft drink "soda" or "pop?"  Mark likes POP!  He says there's a lot of pop in his pantry at the ready when the family is home.  For me, I switch off between both words.  Sometimes I'll say at a restaurant, "What kind of diet soda do you have?"  I'll even say to a friend, "Can I have a pop?"  Even on the show, I said I like soda.  It just depends.

The final results from our Facebook poll are in!  This is what our listeners had to say:

Soda: 19 votes

Pop: 57 votes

Some of our listeners said that the technical term for soft drinks is "soda-pop," which means no one is right or wrong.  Others said they also switch off between the words as well.  What do you call your favorite soft beverage?

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