You'll Be Surprised At Who's Getting Divorced!
You want some good news?
The divorce rate is going down. In fact, it's reached its lowest point in 40 years, falling some 29% since 1979. That is wow good!
But there is one surprising fact in research that was done and reported on the website Newser...
Here's The #1 Reason People Quit Their Job
You get up, get ready, get in the car, head to work. Everyday.
And when you get there, you go through the motions. It used to be something you looked forward to, enjoyed. But now it's just something to get through, and get back home.
And you're just about ready to give it up...
Have a Blast at These 4th of July Celebrations
On July 4, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.
Today, most of us celebrate Independence Day with fireworks and BBQ's. Several towns and cities around South Dakota are hosting 4th of July celebrations…

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