Mark Chesnutt is one of the giants of '90s country. Today, on his 57th birthday, check out this list of Mark's best tunes.

Mark Chesnutt's Best Songs


Too Cold At Home, 1990: This was his first single and it shot all the way up to number three on the country charts. It was also the first music video for Mark.

Brother Jukebox, 1990: His second single off his Too Cold At Home album also became his first number one hit.

Blame It On Texas, 1990: A fitting song for Mark, as he was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas.

Old Flames Have New Names, 1992: This was the first single off his Longnecks & Short Stories Album and one of Chesnutt's most well-known songs.

Bubba Shot The Jukebox, 1992: This Honky Tonk tune is a fan favorite and one of Chesnutt's most fun songs in his entire catalog. Poor Bubba, though. I'm sure paying for that jukebox wasn't cheap.

It Sure Is Monday, 1993: One of the best Monday Anthems ever recorded and a song that went all the way to number one in 1993.

Almost Goodbye, 1993: Chesnutt puts it all on the table with this ballad. For an artist who had a lot of fun hits, this might be the best song in his entire catalog.

Gonna Get A Life, 1994: Another number one hit for Chesnutt. In fact, this song became his sixth number one hit in just four years.

Goin' Through The Big D, 1994: A song for anyone who may have jumped into a marriage too soon and one of the best Divorce Anthems out there. Do you think he still has that jeep?

It's A Little Too Late, 1996: This one comes off his Greatest Hits Release and was one of the last number one hits of his career.

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