It's still hard to believe that Charlie Daniels is gone. We lost him this earlier this week at the age of 83. But the amount of amazing music he left us with will always be around. And if you were lucky enough to see the Charlie Daniels Band live, you likely had an experience you'll remember forever. Here are some of Charlie's best on-stage performances.

Farm Aid 1985: Would you look at that crowd? Charlie and his band performing Devil Went Down To Georgia at the very first Farm Aid. As you can see in the video, Charlie had the crowd in the palm of his hand during this mesmerizing performance.

Fourth of July 2005: Here he is in Nashville performing Simple Man in front of 100,000 fans on the fourth of July.

Live on the Marty Stuart Show: Marty Stuart has had a long list of legends on his television show, which runs on RFD TV. Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, and Brad Paisley have all graced his stage. But this jam session with Charlie and his band was one of the finest moments on the show.

Late 70s T.V.: This one really takes you back to the time machine. Here's Charlie playing Long Haired Country Boy on late 1970s television.

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