Turkey Or Ham?
Thanksgiving gives anyone an excuse to eat as much as possible. The only question is...what exactly will you be eating on Thanksgiving?
What Are The Best Pizza Toppings?
KXRB Morning Show listeners are well aware of the fact that Mark and I love to talk about food, especially pizza! Well, we need your help again! Mark and I need suggestions for new pizzas to try. What are the best pizza toppings?
Hail To You Queen of Peace High School
October 14th, 2019 starts a process no one ever saw coming, the demolition of Queen of Peace High School in Burbank, Illinois. Why am I writing this article you ask? Queen of Peace High School is a place I called home for four years, and now all that will be left are the memories.
My Favorite Halloween Costumes Growing Up
When we were younger, Katie and I would wear identical costumes. Our first costume was a pumpkin. However, Katie was not in her pumpkin outfit for long. She lasted long enough to take some pictures. You can only imagine what happened after the photo session was over...I'll leave it at that.

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