Hi folks, Randy here,
I’ve joined a club that I didn’t want to join. It’s a club that has included too many members of my family and friends.
You may be an unwilling member or know someone who has been included.
I am now a member of the ‘Big C Club’. I have cancer.
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I’m early into this journey and the roadmap is still being written.

Words like chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery look to be on some of the signposts up ahead.
There are other words, long complicated words that I don’t quite understand but the experts that do understand them are part of my medical team.
And speaking of the team, I have a great one supporting me. First, of course, is my incredible family. My wife, my kids and grandkids, and my extended family are a blessing I don’t deserve.
And my radio family here at the radio ranch, wow! Up and down each hallway, in every studio and every office. They’re more than colleagues, more than co-workers. They’re family and I appreciate them all.
And to that the people who have put up with me on the radio, you’re family to me as well. I’ve been on the air for 25 years in Sioux Falls and very nearly 50 years in South Dakota. Of course, we’re a family. You’ve meant and mean so much to me.
So I’m going to be away from the show for a while. How long? Well, I’m not sure, as I said the journey is just underway. But it’s all going to be good. With all your support, prayers and good wishes, how could it not?

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