South Dakota is full of beauty and wonder. People from all over the country and even different parts of the world travel to the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and Sioux Falls throughout the year.

When you're packing your suitcase in preparation for your visit to the lovely sites of South Dakota, you might also want to include a list of what not to do in the state.

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Mark with the Wolters World channel on YouTube paid a visit to South Dakota. During his time in the state, he told his subscribers all about the beauty and nature South Dakota has to offer. However, he strongly advises viewers to avoid making certain mistakes when traveling to South Dakota.

The Wolters World video is literally called "What NOT to Do in South Dakota."  Mark names an entire list of things that tourists should totally avoid or say when they're visiting the state. Some of the things said in the video even made me laugh.

These are "The Don'ts" of South Dakota that stood out to me in the video:

  • Don't Forget About Two time Zones Are In The state 
  • Don't Think When you see a Wall Drug in South Dakota That You Are Close to Wall Drug (or Mount Rushmore)
  •  Don't Skip Out on the Corn Palace or Their Corny Souvenirs 
  • Don't Worry Too Much About Your Safety...It's Not That Dangerous
  • Don't Trust The Weather Forecast (it can goes all over)
  • Don't Mispronounce Pierre!

I would say not trusting the weather forecast is pretty accurate.  You just never know what to expect!  Mispronouncing Pierre is also a huge deal!  I remember when I first moved here and mispronounced Pierre.  Oh boy...I was immediately corrected!

Overall, this video really makes South Dakota shine!  Check out the video for yourself to see if you agree with Wolters World.

10 Wealthiest Cities in South Dakota

Where are the wealthiest communities in the state? Well, according to a recent study by Homesnacks, the top spot is located right here in the Sioux Empire.

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Life is different out in the country. One look at the photo from Robin Bickel and you quickly realize that a workday is quite different as well, after all, she lives out west in South Dakota Cattle Country.

Robin Bickel took time to tell KIKN Country a little bit about her life out west and life as a woman, working outdoors with animals and nature in God's Country. Bickel lives and works on a cattle ranch operated by herself, her father, Jack, and his brother Keith. How far out in the country is she? How does 50 miles west of Mobridge, South Dakota sound? Yep, mountain time out there.

Life is so different in Sioux Falls, South Dakota compared to what our friends on the farm and ranches deal with. It's a half-mile to the grocery store for our family. For Robin, it's 17 miles. However, it's a quick step out her door and she's right in the middle of where a lot of the groceries come from.

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