I've seen a lot of unusual headlines in my years on the planet. But here's one I never thought I'd see.

"Highly Intelligent And Possibly Invincible Super Pigs Are Invading America".


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What exactly is a 'super pig'?

Yes, that's the headline I saw on Popular Mechanics website. And Popular Mechanics has been around for a long time and is reputable, so I checked it out. And it's true.

Minnesota is one of the states that these 'super pigs' are likely heading to, along with North Dakota, Montana, and Michigan. But what exactly is a 'super pig'?

Well, they're a hybrid breed, a mix of a domestic pig and a wild boar. They were originally crossbred to help pigs grow larger and tolerate the cold up in Canada. But a drop in the market led some Canadian farmers to let them run free. And some have been heading south.

And they're proving hard to eradicate.

So we've had Murder Hornets. Now Super Pigs. What's next, Killer Monarch Butterflies?

SOURCE: Popular Mechanics

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