The conclusion of ABC's "The Bachelorette" featuring Alabama native, Hannah Brown, is just a week away.  As Host Chris Harrison would say, "This is the most dramatic conclusion in 'Bachelorette' history."  Even though he has said this famous phrase more than we can count, he could be right.

On Monday night, "The Men Tell All" two-hour reunion special aired and spiked in ratings.  Mark and I reported on Wednesday morning that the ABC reality series topped Monday night ratings in both adult and total viewers.  Why?  I'll give you one name: Luke Parker.  This name is the main reason why this "Tell All" special separates itself from the rest.

The episode spent A LOT of time talking about Parker's moments on the show.  His run and actions were so big that the audience completely erased Contestant Cam Ayala's rough time on the 15th season.

Aside from recent rumors in the media, Parker was this season's most controversial contestant who always found a way to keep Hannah's attention.  Now "The Men Tell All" episode usually redeems contestants who made questionable decisions during the show.  Viewers on Monday night were on the edge of their seats to hear Parker's explanations.  But it seemed like viewers kept waiting for those answers.

Parker's responses to Chris Harrison's questions were awkward just because of the long moments of silence between answers.  Who knows what was going on in his head but no matter what Parker said, he found a way to contradict his answers on multiple occasions.  By the time the rest of the men entered the special episode, they had enough with Parker to the point where he eventually walked off stage.

Do I think the ratings spiked because people wanted answers about Parker's run on the show and recent rumors?  Yes.  Do I think ABC spent too much time focusing on Brown's and Parker's relationship?  Absolutely.

Every week, my friends and I talk in a group chat about our thoughts on the show.  Personally, we're all sick of hearing about Luke.  It's just dragging on.  If ABC wanted drama, they got it.  The main job of reality shows, like "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" is to cast controversial people who will entice people to watch every week.  My group of friends agree that drama was all there.  However, it just focused too much on one person.  Who will Hannah give her final rose to? Will ALL questions about contestants Jed Wyatt and Pilot Pete be answered?  I guess we'll find out next week with (hopefully) no dead air in between.

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