Don't keep us in suspense, which city is it?

It probably is no surprise. Minneapolis is the 11th best city to start a career in. Keep in mind this was out of 180 cities that were ranked in basically 2 categories, by those number-crunching brainiacs at WalletHub.

  • A) Professional Opportunities
  • B) Quality of Life

Where Is Sioux Falls on the List?

55th- -But the city got very high marks in the Quality of Life area, but not so much in the Professional Opportunities division.

Rapid City squeaked in a bit higher in 48th place.

What is included in Professional Opportunities?

In this category, cities were ranked according to criteria directly related to employment and business.

  • Entrepreneur-Friendliness
  • Monthly average starting salaries
  • Median income growth rate
  • Workforce diversity
  • Unemployment rates
  • Employer-Based Retirement Access & Participation
  • Job satisfaction
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What was examined in the Quality of Life section?

  • Median annual incomes
  • The average length of the workweek
  • Commuter-friendly jobs
  • Average commute times
  • Number of Adults 25+ who have a Bachelor's Degree
  • Housing affordability
  • Fun friendliness for singles and families

So even though Sioux Falls continues to show up on Number 1 lists all over the place, there is apparently more to do.

Any good advice on turning a job into a career?

Yes, in fact, I liked the advice offered by a professor at Winona State University:

My advice would be to first choose the career you want to pursue: IT, real estate, teaching, building trades, etc. By first choosing a career, one will likely be poised to search for jobs that will support that decision. - Jana Craft/Ph.D. – Professor, Management & Human Resources, Director of Online Undergraduate Programs, College of Business, Business Administration Department- Winona State University

Professor Craft also says that you need to advocate for yourself, have a voice in your working conditions, and negotiate from the outset.

My advice is to not let an employer determine your worth... candidates who negotiate are seen as strong, not weak. - Professor Jana Craft/Ph.D.-Winona State University

To see the complete Career study go to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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