I was sitting at my desk the other day when my co-worker, Natasha asked if anyone had watched the new season of Fox's "The Masked Singer." I said I missed it and planned on checking it out after my workday was finished.  Then another co-worker, Jeff Harkness chimed in on the conversation...this is where it all started.

Natasha and Jeff immediately started talking about the season premiere, and I covered my ears to tune them out.  I was saved by Mr. Randy McDaniel to cut a promo and ran into a production room.  Natasha and Jeff thought it was funny, and it was for a little bit.  They actually inspired me to write this post about why people aren't fans of TV or movie spoilers.

For those who aren't familiar, "The Masked Singer" is an elaborate guessing game.  The audience tries to guess the celebrity that is singing behind a mask.  The costumes are incredible, and most of the time you can't tell who's underneath it all.  This show is known as "TV's best-kept secret." These factors in the show build suspense and it keeps the audience on their toes.

Suspense builds anticipation, which creates a perfect recipe for a great show.  In an article for  Psychology Today, Psychologist Dr. Peter G. Stromberg explains, "We feel suspense because we aren't sure how the story or the game will turn out, and we become very interested in finding out."

During the Morning Show on KXRB, Randy and I asked our listeners about their thoughts on spoiler alerts.  Here are some responses from Facebook:

  • "Social Media (I think) has gotten terrible. I feel like I can’t go on the internet if I have to record a show for later."
  • "Love it when somebody tells me how the show ends. That way I can turn the channel and watch the Yankees."
  • "Mixed feelings..."
  • "I hate spoiler alerts!! It just happened during 'America's Got Talent!!' "

How do you feel about spoiler alerts?

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