What a fun vacation I had with one of my best friends! I've been anticipating this trip to The Twin Cities for a few months, and it was awesome to be able to explore new cities.  This was my first time visiting, so it was a big adventure!

My friend Miranda and I took the four-hour road trip not just to see the cities, but also to see our favorite boy band (AKA The Jonas Brothers).  We have listened to the group since middle school.  I was upset when they broke up.  But once I heard the Jonas Brothers were going on tour, I knew Miranda and I could not miss it!  The show was in St. Paul and it was fantastic!  The whole show was a concert.  There was never a break in between performances.  The 10-year wait to see them perform again was worth it.

My friend from high school, Michelle, currently lives in Downtown Minneapolis, and we stayed at her place for the evening. We woke up the next morning with a list of endless possibilities to do for the day.  Coincidentally, the Chicago White Sox are playing the Minnesota Twins at Target Field, and we thought about going to the game.  In the end, we spent the day at the Mall of America!

This was always a place to visit on my bucket list, and it was something new for both of us!  Being in the Mall of America is like stepping into a new world of fashion and entertainment at the same time.  I have never seen so many stores, restaurants, and different activities to do in one place.  Without stopping in all the stores, it took Miranda and I about three hours to see the entire mall.  One store that did catch our attention was Sarah Jessica Parker's new shoe store! It was like being in her shoe closet.  Miranda was close to buying the entire store!

While we were driving back to Sioux Falls, we were already thinking of another time to visit!  There is just so much to do, and one day isn't enough to experience it all! What are some of your favorite road trip memories?

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