Some kids in the Sioux Empire are counting down the days until they see their friends and favorite teachers in schools.  Others may want summer to last forever and can't bear the idea of homework.  However, children need to be in the classroom.

According to Attendance Works, 1 in 10 kids in kindergarten and 1st grade are absent from school.  In some schools, this statistic could be as high as 1 in 4. Most of these absents are excused, but this still adds up to lost time in the classroom.

Kids who don't attend class regularly miss fundamental math and reading skills, which can help them achieve great things in high school, college, and in their careers.  A study in California shows kids who miss class are greatly affected, especially in their reading abilities.  According to the study, 64% of kindergarten and 1st grade students who miss less than nine days of class are more likely to read at their level after 3rd grade.  This number decreases by more than 20% if they miss over nine days of school.

There are easy solutions to the problem.  One way is for teachers to include parents on their child's academic progress.  A lot of absents can also be avoided if there is transportation for children to get to school. Finally, make sure children are healthy! If they are sick, let them stay home for a day or two to recover.  Kids...don't even think about putting the thermometer up to the light if you don't feel like attending class.

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