As the world of research continues constantly, I continue in amazement of what's all being researched. It's one thing to try and understand why certain things are studied, but another to wonder what all the study results are used for.

Here is the latest study that leaves me scratching my head. It involves dogs and smartphones.

A new study shows dogs may become more anxious and possibly suffer from depression when their owners overuse their smartphones.

The study focused on how getting a pet, specifically a dog, could help people suffering from mental health issues. Researchers also learned that dogs may suffer from depression when their human handlers ignore them when they are constantly using their smartphones.

I brought this up to my co-host on my radio show, knowing that she owns a dog. She told me her dog will come up and start scratching at the phone if she's using it.

So, no texting while driving, stay off your phone when attending your children's events, and now add staying off the smartphone in the presence of your pet.

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