What small task do you perform better than anyone you know? The one little thing you won't allow anyone to do for you.

I've made this a topic on various radio shows and on some website publications over the years. And I have received great calls.

One guy said only he can vacuum a room perfectly. He compared it to mowing, and said all fibers should point in a specific direction.

Another woman said she can fold a sheet to perfection. She doesn't allow anyone to fold her sheets from the dryer.

Hey', everybody's got their thing. But there are certain tasks that all of us should be able to perform.

With that said, let's break it down to the sexes. This time we will look at the men's list. We will save the women's list for the future.

Here's a list of "Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do"

  • Leave a tip
  • Clean your apartment
  • Change a tire
  • Set the mood
  • Undo a bra
  • Tie a tie
  • Do the groceries
  • Read a woman's medicine cabinet
  • Sew a button
  • Do the laundry
  • Choose the right wine
  • Play poker
  • Cure a hangover
  • Smoke a cigar
  • Iron clothes
  • Purchase flowers
  • Make restaurant reservations
  • Prepare breakfast in bed
  • Be a gentleman

Sources: Askmen.com , Radio Online

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