The old saying that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach is not true. At least for the man like me that knows how to cook.

The real way to a man's heart is thru his 'ego'. That's right, his ego not his stomach.

Men crave flattery. We rarely get it. And when we do, look out.

Now this story applies to men and not all women. The reason for this, is because it's easier to get men to believe compliments than it is to get women to believe them.

With that said, let's get right down to the exact tips on flattering a man. We got these from psychiatrist Dr. Rubinstein.

  • Physical -- "Tell him he's strong or masculine," Dr. Rubinstein said. "Or tell him what a great body he has specific compliments that imply masculinity."
  • Appearance -- "Tell him how good-looking he is," the doctor said. "Or pick out one feature such as his eyes. But don't call him cute. Most men think that word is reserved for women and puppies."
  • Sensual -- "Tell him you love the sound of his voice," Dr. Rubinstein said. "Or that you like the way he smells, the feel of his skin or the color of his eyes."
  • Occupation -- "Flatter his job abilities," the expert said. "Tell him that he's good at his job and that his job must be exciting."
  • Husband & Father -- "Say he is the greatest husband a woman could ever have," he said. "Tell him he's great with the kids. Or that it's wonderful the way he gives up his weekends to spend quality time with the family."
  • Intelligence -- "Flatter his intelligence," Dr. Rubinstein said. "This is always safe because even people who aren't intelligent think they are."
  • Dress and looks -- "Say his suits always look good on him," the psychiatrist said. "Or that he looks like Mel Gibson."

I, as a man, totally agree with all of this and that's why I'm sharing it with you. I would fall for, or I mean believe any one of these.

Like I said earlier, women don't easily believe compliments. A study showed women need to be told the same compliment 5 to 6 times before they actually believe you mean it!

This confirms a suspicion I've had for some time. They have issues!


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