It's been going on forever. The Battle of the Sexes.

A man needs to be in control. The world would be better off with women in charge. Men do 'this' better, but women do 'that' better. And you can get into a great debate (argument?) about who's the better driver.

I like to think Sioux Falls is pretty typical of a good American town. We have lots of good folks doing their best to do their best. And we have the same idea on this 'man vs. woman' thing. Me being a loyal fella, I was pretty convinced that us dudes ruled the roost.

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And then an article from Cosmopolitan came along. I figured it was just Cosmo backing the ladies and throwing shade on us good guys. But then I saw they were referencing all these various university studies from places like San Diego State University, University of Western Ontario, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Minnesota, McGill University, and the Dept. of Education and other sources and well...they came up with a kind of 'Top Ten' things that women do better than men.

So I guess in the never-ending Battle of the Sexes, you ladies win this round. But the war isn't over! I'm going to be doing some exhaustive extended deep research and find detailed and expert information about how us guys are way, way better at...some stuff.

I'm going to be doing that right after I finish this slice of cold pizza and down the rest of this perfectly chilled Grain Belt Longneck and take a nap.

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