From wearing red to hanging out in groups, scientists say there are seven things women do that make them more attractive to men.

Business Insider discovered scientific findings that didn't just look at the physical appearance of a woman, but certain traits.

I found another blog that stated what makes MEN more attractive to WOMEN and some of the findings included looking older (the George Clooney effect) and growing a light beard (like David Beckham).

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Here are the 7 qualities scientists have found that make women more attractive to men.

  • 1

    Men Are More Attracted to Women Who Are Ovulating

    This is according to a study in which guys smelled ladies t-shirts.

  • 2

    Men Like Women Who Laugh at Their Jokes

    Men like anything that strokes their ego.

  • 3

    Men Prefer Honest Women

    If a guy wants a long-lasting relationship with a woman, she needs to be honest. Um...what about the dude? I think HE needs to be honest too.

  • 4

    Men Gravitate Toward Women Wearing Red

    This works both ways. Women like men who wear red also.

  • 5

    Men Like Women Who Subtly Mirror Their Actions

    If he touches his hair, casually wait a few minutes and then touch your hair.

  • 6

    Women Appear More Attractive in Groups

    It helps to have friends.

  • 7

    Openness, Kindness and Assertiveness

    One British study showed men preferred women who had positive personality traits.

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