The 2019-2020 school year is just days away.  It feels like yesterday kids were itching to get out of class to have some fun in the sun.  When a new school year comes around, I think of all the teachers who spent their summer preparing their classrooms.  My mom is one of the thousands of teachers in America getting ready for new students.

My mom dedicates a lot of her time over the summer to her students after the bell rings for the year.  Not only does she teach summer school, but she also tutors students over the summer to keep their minds active.  When my mom is not with students, she spends time planning her year and setting up her classroom.

My mom is one of the hardest working teachers I know.  I sound bias but it's true.  She has gone the extra mile throughout her teaching career.  My mom has told me stories about delivering homework to students, setting extra food aside for kids who didn't eat lunch, and staying in school late to help students understand assignments.

My mom is just one example of many teachers who go above and beyond what's expected.  When your kids go back to their desks, remind them to show their teachers some appreciation.  They spend a lot of time creating an awesome school year.  The best thing any student can do is to listen.

Enjoy your school year and make this the best one yet!

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