What would country music in the 1990's been like without Tracy Lawrence? Hard to say, but one things for sure...it would have been poorer for it.

Coming out of Atlanta, Texas (yes, there is another Atlanta) Tracy burst upon the national country music scene in 1991 when 'Sticks and Stones' went to number one and a lot of people (OK, including me) were saying 'Wow, who the heck is that guy'??

Well, it wasn't long before we found out this 'guy' was 100% the real deal, as Tracy followed up his first number one with 19 more Top Ten hits in the 1990's alone, including a total of seven chart toppers!

Our spotlight is on a great Tracy smash from 1993 'Can't Break It To My Heart', the second single released from his album 'Alibis', and yes the title cut (which I know you can sing along with as well) was the lead single. 'Can't Break It To My Heart' would become Tracy's third number one hit, and the follow-up 'My Second Home' would also top the chart.

Hey, I told ya...if Tracy Lawrence didn't own the 1990's, he certainly rented a top floor suite!

And what may be even cooler? He's one heck of a nice guy to boot. My friend Mark Tassler has had Tracy on his radio show and as talented as Tracy is, he that nice too, a true gentleman.

So as you're singing along with 'If The World Had A Front Porch', 'Time Marches On', 'Stars Over Texas' or any of his other great hits, you can tell your friends that Tracy Lawrence had a huge part in making the 1990's a great decade in country music.

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