Country Music is filled with great nicknames.

You can go all the way back to the 'Drifting Cowboy' Hank Williams and the 'Texas Troubadour' Ernest Tubb. There's a couple of the most famous, the 'Possum' George Jones (plus of course 'No Show Jones') and the 'Man In Black' Johnny Cash.

But perhaps no nickname more personified an artist than the man known as the 'Gentle Giant' Don Williams. And perhaps no song better illustrated that nickname than 'Lord I Hope This Day Is Good'.

The third single from Don's Especially For You album, the song peaked at...surprise!...number one, his 12th single to top the chart. By the way, it was the follow-up to Don's great duet with Emmylou Harris 'If I Needed You'.

And while sometimes the 'same ol', same ol' might get old, it was never so with this artist from Floydada, Texas. For those of us who followed Don's Hall of Fame career, what he gave us is exactly what we wanted, time after time after time.

We lost the Gentle Giant in September of 2017 at the age of 78. But we still have his 17 number one hits. But do yourself a favor, don't limit yourself to the greatness of his number one's. Get his albums and truly immerse yourself in the gentle greatness of one of country music's greatest artists.

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