I have been very fortunate to have had many great experiences in my short career.  However, there are some memories that certainly stand out from the rest.  These are the unexpected surprises that life throws at you. One of these moments just happened to me while I was in the office...minding my own business.

It was around 1 o'clock on Thursday afternoon last week, and it was another busy day for me.  I was in the KXRB studio working when a phone call came through on the KXRB hotline.  I decided to answer it.

The conversation went something like this: The caller was asking if "The Mess" himself, Randy McDaniel was around.  Randy was not in the studio, so I thought I could help the caller with whatever inquiry it was.  The caller explains that he has a question about T. G. Sheppard.  Naturally, of course, Randy would have all the answers for this caller.  I told the caller that I would pass the message along to Randy.  But, then the conversation went in a different direction in a good way.

The caller recognizes my voice and knew who I was, and we began discussing life in South Dakota and at KXRB.  When the caller asked about South Dakota, I figured it was someone from out of state.  At one point during the friendly chat, I realized that I didn't know the name of the caller.  My exact words were the following:

I'm sorry, you know my name, but I don't know yours.  Who am I speaking with?

Oh, this is....T. G. Sheppard!

Wait...what?! I thought it was a prank for sure.  I thought maybe I was hearing things because I just had a lot going on in my head.  I even asked if he was the T.G. Sheppard, and he just laughed.  I was shocked and embarrassed!  I felt a bit clueless for not recognizing T.G.'s voice during our impromptu exchange.

You literally never know what's going to happen during the course of a day, and this is the PERFECT example of just that.  It was pure luck.  This is an experience I'll fondly remember for the rest of my career.

Thanks for the nice talk, T. G.! You really made my day!

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