'Amazed' was amazing.

I mean, if you wanted to end a decade with a bang, with a really huge hit, this was the song to do it. Because in 1999, it did.

The second single off their third studio album Lonely Grill, 'Amazed' by Lonestar went to the top and stayed there. And stayed there. And then, stayed there some more.

Eight weeks. That's how much country music fans loved Lonestar (and still do!) and how much they loved 'Amazed'.

But hold on. Don't close this music book yet. No sir.

While the country version was a smash, several months later a remixed 'Amazed' topped the pop/rock music chart as well and soared into the Top 5 on the Adult Contemporary chart. What does that all mean?

It means 'Amazed' was everywhere. I wonder how many times the song has been played at wedding receptions? Too many to count.

Lonestar was certainly no one-hit-wonder. They've had several Number One hits ('No News', 'My Front Porch Looking In', 'What About Now', 'I'm Already There', among others) and continue to delight fans at concerts around the country.

But that one song, the one that stayed at Number One eight solid weeks and then went beyond country music?


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