Take one big Pop Music star. The add one more big Pop Music star. And what do you get?

One of the biggest Country Music hits of the 1980's.

Unlikely, but true.

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Marie Osmond was already famous worldwide by 1985 of course, as a member of the Osmond family. Aside from her duet hits with brother Donny and a hit TV variety show with...yes, brother Donny, she had already topped the country music chart herself, with 1973's Paper Roses'. But still, she wasn't 'country', not really. Or was she?

Meanwhile, Dan Seals was also famous worldwide, but not as 'Dan Seals'. Nope, he was famous as 'England Dan', half of the pop music hit duo England Dan and John Ford Coley. Remember 'I'd Really Love To See You Tonight', 'Nights Are Forever Without You', or 'It's Sad To Belong'? Yep, that's Dan Seals (and despite being 'England Dan', he was from Texas).

So now we move along to 1985 and a new single is released called 'Meet Me In Montana' and Kaboom! it went straight to the top of the country music chart. It was the first single from Dan's Won't Be Blue Anymore album,  and the second single from Marie's There's No Stopping Your Heart album. And it was the first time Dan Seals name was atop the country music chart. He'd have many more in the years that followed.

Marie still entertains millions around the world. Sadly, Dan passed away in 2009 at the much too young age of 61.

Oh, and one more Pop Music connection to the song. It was written by Paul Davis. You may remember his huge 1977 pop hit 'I Go Crazy'.


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