The 1960's was a very, very good decade in the country music career of Stonewall Jackson.

In fact, from his first smash hit, Life To Go in 1958, through his Top Ten hit Me and You and A Dog Named Boo in 1971, Stonewall had a string of twenty Top 20 country hits.

A mainstay on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry, the songs of Stonewall Jackson were what might be called stone-cold honest-to-goodness real country music. And of course through all those years perhaps the most asked question was, 'So what's his real first name'?

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Stonewall. That's right, Stonewall's real first name was Stonewall. It wasn't a clever nickname or stage name.

The Tabor City, North Carolina native was born on November 6, 1932 and named after the famous Confederate Civil War General. He grew up in southern Georgia and was a veteran of the United States Navy.

The country music first was 'introduced' to Stonewall in '58 with his hit Life To Go, and did you know that hit was written by a young George Jones? What followed was a great country music career with great (now) classics like A Wound Time Can't Erase, B.J. The D.J., I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water and of course the all-time classic that became his signature song, Waterloo.

And it was in 2006 that Stonewall Jackson sued the Grand Ole Opry.

That's right, a legendary Grand Ole Opry star sued the Opry, and not for pennies, but for a total of $20 million! The 50+ year member of the Grand Ole Opry charged age discrimination and believed the Opry was sidelining him in favor of younger artists. The suit was settled in 2008 for an undisclosed amount and the start was back on the Opry stage in 2008.

Stonewall passed away in December of 2021 at the age of 89.

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