Dan Seals is perhaps the most overlooked and underrated artist in country music history. From 1984 through 1990, Dan Seals wasn't just successful, he was dominant. In that time period, he had an incredible 16 Top Ten hits, Even more astounding, 11 of those were number one hits!

Maybe it was the fact that Dan Seals didn't take what might be called a conventional route to Nashville and country music success. You may or may not know that Dan was a major pop music star in the 1970s when this Texas native was known as England Dan of the pop duo England Dan and John Ford Coley.

But it became evident that Dan's heart was in country music.

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Many country music fans were first introduced to Dan when they heard his first Top Ten hit "God Must Be A Cowboy" in 1984. But it was a 1985 duet smash that brought Dan's name to the top for the first time. "Meet Me In Montana" with Marie Osmond is a great classic.

More number-one hits followed. Great country hits like "Bop," "Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold)," "Big Wheels In The Moonlight" and more. And that final number one for Dan? "Good Time" in 1990.

Sadly, Dan passed away from cancer on March 25, 2009. He was just 61 years old.

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