How many country music star's have come out of the state of Georgia? Tennessee? Mississippi? Or one of the other state's of the south?

Countless. And then there's Springhill, Nova Scotia. For those of us geographically challenged, that would be in Canada.

Nope, it's not a hotbed of country legends, but there is one. In fact, not just country music, but pop, rock, easy listening. She was all over the music charts.

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Anne Murray.

She always loved music, but actually taught physical education for a year after college. But the music pull was too strong and she was too talented.

Anne first made a name for herself in her home country of Canada, singing on television show's and performing around the country. It was in 1970 that 'Snowbird' topped the Canadian charts and became a surprise hit in the U.S. as well. Anne became a regular on the 'Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour' TV show.

And then, as they say, the hits just kept on comin'. 'Danny's Song', 'A Love Song', 'He Thinks I Still Care', and in 1978, what would become the biggest hit of her career, 'You Needed Me'.



Anne was having hit records into the 1980's (including very successful duet's with Dave Loggins).

So whatever happened to Anne Murray?

Well, just so's ya know, Anne is 78 years young and is alive and well!

And oh by the way...did you know that in 2007 Golf For Women Magazine named Anne the world's greatest female celebrity golfer, noting her 11 handicap?


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