By 1993 Dwight Yoakam was one of the biggest stars in Country Music.

He had already been at or near the top of the Country Music chart with great hits like his debut single 'Honky Tonk Man' in 1986, and follow-up smashes 'Guitars, Cadillac's and Hillbilly Music', 'Little Sister', 'I Sang Dixie', 'You're The One' and his great duet chart-topper 'Streets of Bakersfield' with Country Music legend Buck Owens.

When Dwight released his This Time album in March of 1993, it was no surprise the effort contained several 'new' Dwight hits, including the lead single 'Ain't That Lonely Yet', the second single 'A Thousand Miles From Nowhere' and then the song spotlighted here, the great 'Fast As You'.

I guess the thing I love most about Dwight Yoakam as a great artist is his unique song styling. There's no question when you hear a Dwight song,'s definitely a Dwight song! And I've always admired his more-than-a-nod to country music history. As evidenced by his work with his friend and music icon, the late great Buck Owens, and his unashamed love of the legendary 'Bakersfield Sound' (and his furthering of that sound), as well as the country music that laid the groundwork for so many great artists.

As heard in 'Fast As You', while honoring all that, Dwight has consistently kept his own unique sound and style. He continues to put out some of the finest country music on the planet (A personal favorite is 2015's Second Hand Heart, get that and crank it up!) while advancing a great acting career. All in all, one of the most talented artists you'll ever see...or hear.

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