It was a long, brutal South Dakota winter for many people across the state. Even though our friends out west are dealing with another harsh winter storm, the Sioux Falls area is finally starting to see grass on the ground. That means it's almost time to exchange our snowblowers for lawnmowers!

There is nothing like the smell of freshly mowed grass. But one South Dakota town won't be enjoying this scent any time soon. Residents have decided to not mow their lawns for the month of May.

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So what South Dakota town is foregoing mowing lawns in May? The City of Brookings is participating in "No Mow May." Our news partners at Dakota News Now are reporting the "No Mow May" initiative is a national campaign that aims to welcome more bees and other pollinators in towns across the country. The Brookings City Council "unanimously approved Ordinance 23-004 to allow owners or occupants to refrain from mowing their lawns during May" during its February meeting. "No Mow May" is voluntary and gives Brookings residents the option of not mowing their entire lawn or parts of it.

Dakota News Now explains that Brookings residents "wishing to participate can pick up yard signs free of charge at the Brookings City & County Government Center. The yard signs signal that the residence is participating in 'No Mow May.' The signs are provided courtesy of the Brookings Sustainability Council."

The hope of "No Mow May" is to spark a conversation between neighbors to get informed about simple environmental benefits.

Once "No Mow May" concludes, all participating Brookings residents must mow their lawns by Wednesday, June 7th. Lawns, grasses, and weeds must be no taller than 15 inches. More information about this campaign can be found here.

Happy Spring!

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