If you hang out with your gal pals at least twice a week, then you're living a healthy lifestyle according to recent studies.

Researchers from the University of Oxford discovered some of the necessary steps a woman needs to take in order to achieve happiness in all aspects of life.  An easy thing to do is to spend more time with the girls!

The study shows spending more time with your girlfriends will improve your well-being and overall health.  Activities with your friends might include gossiping and drinking some wine or beer.  Simple things like this help women socialize, drink, and laugh together.  Spending time with your friends also helps you recover from an illness faster, create a stronger immune system, and decrease anxiety levels.

I love spending time with my friends as often as I can.  I probably go out with my friend Miranda more than twice a week.  Every time we're together there's always a lot of laughter.  My other friend, Sarah joins the fun with us on the weekends!  What brings the three of us together is our love for food and our outrageous personalities.  We love to have fun!  Sioux Falls brought us together.

Even though I love living in Sioux Falls, I still miss being at home with my friends and family.  I consider my twin sister, Katie one of my best friends.  Together, we met some of our best friends in college.

Last September, I was lucky to be part of my friend Alexes's wedding.  I always told her that no matter where I end up after college, I would be next to her on her special day.  My friends Amanda and Lisa were also part of the wedding.  It almost felt like I never left home for Sioux Falls.

My friend, Brooke is another one of my closest friends.  Let me put it this way...it's never a dull moment when we're together.  There are stories I could tell that will last longer than this article.  We have been through a lot together whether it's a school closing, career achievements, vacations, and more. She's always there for me no matter how far away we are from each other.

I can never forget my good friend, Marni.  We have been friends since fourth grade...isn't that crazy?!  We grew up together.  She's a lifelong friend and those don't come around too often.  Marni is probably one of the strongest people I know. What I love about Marni is that she never gives up.  She has this amazing spirit that lifts you up when you're feeling down.  Marni has a big heart and will make anyone smile.

There are A LOT more girlfriends that I didn't mention.  But what I love about my friends is that we always talk to each other like we were out yesterday.  We pick up right where we left off.  We always support one another.  If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be in Sioux Falls. So, if you haven't seen your girlfriends lately, call them and say how much you appreciate them.  While you're at it, plan for a G.N.O!

Source: https://www.creativehealthyfamily.com/women-should-go-out-with-girlfriends-twice-a-week-to-improve-their-health/

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