With the Fourth of July fast approaching, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Inspector Tyler Tjeeerdsma offers these fireworks tips.

"Always have a garden hose and a bucket of water around just in case something does start on fire. We suggest wearing safety glasses when lighting fireworks and always light your fireworks on a level hard surface away from any buildings."

Make sure you keep the kids away from the fireworks.

"We always suggest having an adult light the fireworks and having the children at least 15 to 20 feet away as they watch the show."

Just as important, don't light fireworks while in your hands.

"If the firework has a fuse on it you need to put it on the ground and light it on the ground, not in your hand and thrown. You never know how fast the fuse could go. A spark could light the firework on fire while in your hand."

In Sioux Falls, Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says most fireworks are not legal in the city.

"By ordinance anything that has an audible report, a projectile, or launching component is not permitted. If you think about the fireworks, that includes most of the fun stuff. We are limited to snakes, sparklers, smoke bombs, anything that doesn't make noise."

If someone is violating city ordinance, Clemens says you can notify police at 367-7000.

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