Some people are most likely catching cabin fever during the COVID-19 crisis.  Then, this is definitely a great time to enjoy some fresh air.   The Pipestone National Monument is the perfect place to start!

The national park is located just about 50 minutes away from Sioux Falls in Pipestone, Minnesota.  Pipestone National Monument is immersed in American Indian history dating back to over 3,000 years ago! American Indians still visit this site to quarry a soft stone that they use to make pipes.   According to their website, "The 301-acre Monument consists of the quarry pits, of which 56 are active pipestone extraction sources, and the tall grass prairie landscape surrounding them. There is no specific structure, plaque, marker, or monument. A National Monument is one of many designations for a unit of the National Park Service."  The pipe is actually scared to most of the American Indians.  Some use pipe in prayer, civil and religious ceremonies, and important rite.

My family loves to hike on trails.  One of the first places we explored when they visited me was Pipestone National Monument.  The trial is about two miles long, and it features a rushing waterfall.  You can even climb to the top if you find the hidden steps.

Due to the concerns of COVID-19, the Visitor Center is temporarily closed.  However, the grounds are still open for visitors to access the trail!

Visit Pipestone National Monument to learn more about the history and culture of the park.

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