Residents of the Sioux Empire are most likely tired of cooking at home since the COVID-19 outbreak.  Boss' Pizza & Chicken Restaurant in Sioux Falls is making it easier for you to enjoy a meal "out" while supporting a local business during this crisis.

Central Sioux Falls is the home to the original location of Boss' Pizza & Chicken Restaurant.  Since their dream became a reality, Boss’s offers pizza delivery in Grand Forks, ND, and Lincoln, NE.  The dining venue has even expanded its operations in Rapid City, SD, and Keystone, SD.   According to their website, Boss' has "the largest selection of signature recipes here in town and we are always finding great new ways to add bursts of flavor to our pizzas! Our broasted chicken stands out from all the fried chicken because it is cooked under pressure to lock in more moisture and flavor. It’s almost too good to be true!"

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, it has always been a challenge for me to try any pizza outside of my home state.  However, I am truly impressed with Boss' Pizza & Chicken Restaurant.  For me, tasting their pizza is like a taste of home. Besides deep-dish pizza, Boss' truly embodies what Chicago pizza is.  I love their crust, sauce, and all the yummy pizza toppings in between.

Boss' Pizza & Chicken Restaurant is happy to accommodate anyone during this COVID-19 pandemic.  They make it super easy for you to order your meal online or by phone.  If you want to order your next pie or chicken fest, you can click here to order online!

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