Have you ever seen decorated holiday cookies and thought, "Wow. I wish I could create yummy artwork like that!" Well, did you know there are some bakers that offer cookie decorating classes in Sioux Falls? I certainly didn't until I attended a class last week.

HEB Bakes is owned by local baker Hillary Birtell. According to the HEB Bakes website, Hillary "always had a passion for baking and I (Hillary) found my (Hillary's) preferred medium is Royal Icing and sugar cookies." After taking one of Hillary's decorating classes, she is such a talented baker! She really knows her cookies and wants to share her skills with other Sioux Empire baking enthusiasts.

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Besides creating cookie creations for her customers, Hillary offers cookie decorating classes throughout the year. There are even classes for Christmas cookies. Perfect for this time of year!  One of the Christmas cookie classes happened recently at Remedy Brewing Company in Sioux Falls. You decorated cookies while sipping on local brews with the class. It's like wine and painting but with cookies and beer!

I took Hillary's Christmas cookie class at Remedy Brewing Company. I was pretty nervous! As someone who is not the best artist, I thought this class would be challenging. However, Hillary made this class super easy to follow. She is very knowledgeable about cookie decorating and she did a great explaining her techniques she uses.

We decorated five cookies throughout the evening including a gingerbread man, a house, mitten, a truck with a Christmas tree, and a Christmas tree. My gingerbread man and house looked pretty good! The hardest for me to design was probably the mitten and my Christmas tree. So like any baker, you cover your mistakes with sprinkles. That's exactly what I did (haha)!

Hillary, if you're reading this, I tried my best! The designs were not perfect, but the cookies still taste amazing!

Take a look at my Christmas cookies from start to finish. I hope my designs make you laugh!

Sioux Falls Cookie Decorating Class

If you want to take one of Hillary's classes, you can click here for more information. HEB Bakes is also on Facebook and Instagram for cookie pictures and class information. Happy Baking and decorating!

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