A chic and beloved Downtown Sioux Falls boutique made a major announcement over the weekend regarding the store's future.

The good news? This popular Sioux Falls shop is not closing! The even BETTER news: The store is re-branding and will be opened under a new name.

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Chelsea's Boutique in Sioux Falls on Phillips Avenue is officially changing its name to...Heritage Boutique!

It's been a year since the new Chelsea's Boutique's owner Emma Schulz took over the storefront from founder Chelsea Giedd in 2023. Since this journey started for Emma as CEO & Visionary, she has embraced every moment and challenge at Chelsea's Boutique. Now it's time for her to make the shop her own.

Social media posts on Facebook and Instagram confirmed the new beginning for Chelsea's Boutique will be on Friday, May 4th. There will be a huge celebration at the store.

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May of 2023 is when Emma Schulz took over store operations, so it's only fitting to start Heritage Boutique's story one year later!

Thank you ALL so much for supporting my store and shopping local. It has meant everything to me and I wouldn’t be here without every single one of you!
I am truly honored to hold this space and bring to you pieces that make you feel as special and unique as I believe you all are! Words cannot express how grateful I am to see you and to support you!

While shopping on Saturday at Chelsea's Boutique, I asked if the current Chelsea's gift cards would be valid. And the answer is yes!

Chelsea's Boutique is one of my favorite Downtown Sioux Falls shops. I can't wait to explore the new Heritage Boutique!

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