It's been a week since a local Sioux Falls bakery made the shocking announcement to temporarily close its doors due to a medical emergency. The Facebook post from the local establishment at the time did not offer specific details as to why the sudden shutdown.

The Cookie Jar Eatery has now provided its bakery lovers an update regarding the sudden emergency closure on its Facebook page. For those wondering, the closure had nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Cookie Jar Eatery recently shared the latest information on a Facebook post over the weekend. The post explains that one of the Cookie Jar Eatery owners was currently in the hospital after discovering an internal bleed.

The family-owned business explains:

Early Tuesday morning Elaine brought Glen to Avera with an internal bleed. Over the course of the week the team at Avera has worked to determine the source of the bleed. So far results have been inconclusive. Throughout the week Glen and Elaine have remained positive and upbeat. We are very thankful to the dedicated team at Avera as we continue to seek clarity.

Despite this scary situation, Elaine and Glen appear to be optimistic and hopeful. Their attitude would not be possible without their loyal Cookie Jar Eatery customers.

There are ways the community can support the Cookie Jar Eatery during this trying time. Instead of offering to volunteer at the storefront, the Cookie Jar Eatery is encouraging people to purchase digital gift cards instead.

Although there is no set reopening date, the Cookie Jar Eatery is currently determining a "game plan" to re-open with limited store hours.

If you can, send positive thoughts to the crew at the Cookie Jar Eatery! Sioux Falls is looking forward to enjoying the delicious Cookie Jar Eatery cookies soon!


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