You never know what you will find when you're driving on the open road.  More often than not, you‘ll always find some true gems in small towns across the country.  Lange's Café, located in Pipestone, Minnesota is exactly one of those gems!

Lange's Café is in the heart of Pipestone right along 8th Avenue.  Whether it's a light lunch or breakfast for dinner, Lange's Café is the type of place where you can order any type of meal any time of the day.  If I remember correctly, Lange's Café is also known for its yummy pies!  They have every kind of pie imaginable!

My friends and I love to explore new places around the Sioux Empire.  We especially love to travel to new State Parks to complete our exercise routines.  We visited Camden State Park to exercise, and naturally, we were hungry after our workout.  One of my friends discovered Lange's Café. We immediately went to check out this beloved local establishment.

We wanted to indulge in pretty much everything on the menu.  It took us a while to identify what we should try.  We first shared some cheese curds and mozzarella sticks.  I then ordered the BLT with a cup of fruit on the side for my main course.  This delicious meal from Lange's Café sure satisfied my voracious appetite!

The next time you're traveling to our friendly neighbor of Minnesota, be sure to visit Lange's Café to fuel your body for your road trip.

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