One of the wonderfully unique aspects of Downtown Sioux Falls is that all the shops are local entities. Chelsea's Boutique is part of this amazing downtown experience.

According to the boutique's website, the store opened its doors in 2009. Their mission statement is to "empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin."  This is such a powerful message in today's society.  Sometimes the media has a big influence on what women should wear and how they need to look.  Clothes are supposed to help women feel confident about their looks, not criticize it.  It's a form of self-expression.

Chelsea's Boutique does more than sell clothes; the store also donates to charities across the Sioux Empire.  The website explains, "Every year we pick one local charity that specializes in helping the women and children in our community and feature them as our “Charity of the Month.” We promote the chosen non-profit in-store, through our blog, and via our social media platforms. Our customers have the opportunity to donate money in $5 increments, and we then match the donation by giving them a Chelsea’s gift card in exchange."  This year's charity is the Compass Center, a non-profit organization that helps women and children of domestic and sexual violence.

The fashion boutique sells beautiful seasonal clothing and never misses a beat!  I recently made a stop at Chelsea's Boutique, and I couldn't refuse this adorable striped sweater! It's worth every penny!

Visit Chelsea's Boutique to find the latest fall trends and how you can donate to the Compass Center.

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