Hello Sioux Empire! My name is Christine Manika and I am the new Morning Co-Host on KXRB with Mark Tassler! I am super excited to start this new journey and to share the mic with Mark.

I am from the western suburbs of Chicago. However, I have lived in Sioux Falls for over a year. Once I graduated from college, I was offered an opportunity to work for a local television station. My time with this station set the foundation for my career. I learned a lot. But more importantly, I grew as a person in a professional and personal sense.

I took a risk to move to a new city and state. In recent years, no one in my family has taken this leap of faith. It was hard to leave my life behind, but I knew it was something I had to do to start my career. If it wasn't for my family's love and support, I wouldn't be here.

Radio has always been a huge part of my life. I remember my parents always having the radio on in the car or kitchen. The stations would switch between 670 The Score, 93.9 The Lite FM, and anything country. I was always curious about who was behind the microphone and how to have his/her job.

Throughout my college career, I was part of two college radio stations, 93.3 The Joe and WXAV. My three-hour show on Friday nights brought people home from work or helped get a party started! Not only was I a DJ, but I was also the sports reporter during football and basketball season.

My hope with KXRB is to grow in my profession and to grow this audience. It was a privilege to be a voice for my college stations. I want to be that voice for the Sioux Empire. With Mark at my side, his guidance and support will help me achieve this and much more.

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