You'd love to take a trip around the world, but there's one problem.

Finances. Oh wait, two problems.

The pandemic.

Yep, it takes a big old wad of cash and no pandemic if you want to visit all those faraway places you've only read about and dreamed about. But wait, we can take that trip and never leave our beloved South Dakota!

If you're looking for some fun on the far side of the world, well we can start by stopping in Spain (Marshall County). And of course we'll want to spend some time in Naples (Clark County) and Vienna (Clark County). Oh, and Stockholm (Grant County) is beautiful this time of year. We can hop over to Sinai (Brookings County), and while we're in the area, how about a stopover at the garden of Eden (Marshall County). Oh, and while we're out and about, let's take a side trip to the Orient (Faulk County).

Missing the good old USA? Well, we landed back in Dallas (Gregory County). On the drive we had the opportunity to wave to a friendly Farmer (Hanson County), he's married to his lovely wife Florence (Codington County). They're pretty sure their kid's Frederick (Brown County) and Hazel (Hamlin County) will take over the farm someday.

But we need to get along on our trip.

One of Canada's finest spots is Toronto (Deuel County), and not too cold this time of year. Oh, and we should stop at one of our country's finest institution's of higher learning, Yale (Beadle County). If you think it's impressive on the outside, you should check out the Interior (Jackson County). Wow!

But come on, we need to keep moving.

Over there is Mt. Vernon (Davison County). They say George Washington lived there, but I'm not sure, maybe he just slept there. Turns out he slept everywhere!

UFO's apparently fly all over the place here at Roswell (Miner County). I've never seen one, but if you have, I'll believe ya. Of course if we climb the Summit (Roberts County) someone told me we could relax and read some Tolstoy (Potter County).

Gettin' tired are ya? Feel like you've hit the Wall (Pennington County)? Yeah, me, too.

How about we call it a day, rest here on the South Shore (Codington County) and have a nice cup of Java (Walworth County).

Yep, life is good in good 'ol South Dakota.

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