Despite an aggressive distracted driving campaign on billboards, radio, social media, and television it still seems that every other driver you see is checking their phone. Look around at a stoplight and it becomes very apparent.

In 2012, Sioux Falls enacted the no texting while driving law. The ordinance prohibits checking email or texting even while stopping at a stop light or stop sign.

The fine is $95 - but the truth is - not many citations are handed out.

The state of Washington is trying something that is finally getting drivers' attention. It's called an 'E-DUI'. The 'E' is for electronic and they're hoping it's making an impact.

Insurance rates adjust as they would with an actual drunk-driving arrest, and a fine of $136 would accompany the first citation and $234 on the second.

According to Q13 Fox, the ordinance was brought about after a teen was killed by a driver on their phone and the teen's mom lobbied for a change in the law.

She won.

Would all states benefit from a tougher system - or do we wait the for the next tragedy?

Good advice - for teens and adults - would be to enable a "Do Not Disturb" feature on your phone which doesn't allow you to check texts, or activate the phone while in motion. You won't miss anything. It simply automatically replies to the sender that you're driving and will text them back or call them when you reach you destination safely. There is also a 'I'm Not Driving" button if you're a passenger.

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