Are you new to Sioux Falls? Maybe this is your first upper Midwest winter?

Here are some places to find some winter weather info for Sioux Falls.

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The National Weather Service is a good place to start. radar, satellite, forecasts, warnings, and more are on their site.

Also, our friends at Dakota News Now are also a great resource.

Where to Find South Dakota Road Reports

Check out for road condition information from South Dakota 511 and the Department of Transportation. The map gives info on all the major roads in South Dakota and connects you to other states for their conditions.

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What some winter weather terms mean:

  • A winter storm watch indicates that severe winter weather may affect your area.
  • A winter storm warning indicates that severe winter weather conditions are occurring or imminent.
  • A blizzard warning means that large amounts of falling or blowing snow and sustained winds of at least 35 miles per hour are expected for several hours.
  • Wind chill is a calculation of how cold it feels outside when the effects of temperature and wind speed are combined. A strong wind combined with a temperature of just below freezing can have the same effect as a still air temperature about 35 degrees colder.

What are Sioux Falls Snow Alerts?

Sioux Falls city officials will declare a snow alert for plows to clear the streets after at least 2 inches of snow falls. "Plow drivers focus on emergency snow routes first, then move into each of Sioux Falls' three zones to clear off all city streets," the City said.

Keep up to date with snow alert information in Sioux Falls by signing up for notifications from the City of Sioux Falls here.

During a snow alert, cars parked on the street will be ticketed and towed.

The fine for parking on an emergency snow route after two inches of snow has fallen, or parking in violation of Zone 1, 2, or 3 parking regulations during a snow alert, is $35 and increases to $70 if not paid after seven days without filing an appeal, or more than 48 hours after a hearing officer’s decision. - City of Sioux Falls

In Sioux Falls, the city is divided into snow removal zones. Zone 1 is downtown Sioux Falls. Zone 2 is a larger area of central Sioux Falls, Zone 3 is the rest of the city.

If you are unsure what snow zone you are in, or where the zone boundaries are located, use our online interactive map, which allows you to pinpoint your zone by address. This is available at  - City of Sioux Falls




Winter Weather Tips From the National Weather Service


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