The history of Country Music is filled with toe-tappin' sing-a-long songs.  Country Music is also filled with cheatin' songs.  Put those two things together and what you have is a Grammy Award winning massive Country Music hit!

That's what happened in 1977.



You couldn't get away from The Kendalls 'Heaven's Just A Sin Away', and you didn't want to.  In fact, when it came on the radio, you just had to turn it up and sing along.

The Kendalls had other hits, over 30 that made the Country Music charts including two other #1 hit's, 'Sweet Desire' and 'Thank God For The Radio'.  But 'Heaven's Just A Sin Away'? Well that, as they say, is what's called a 'signature song'.

So whatever happened to the singers of that great classic, The Kendalls?

Well, the Kendalls were the father/daughter duet out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Father Royce passed away in 1998 at the age of 62 from a stroke.  Daughter Jeannie continues to perform and record as a solo act.

The Kendalls last trip up the Country Charts was in 1984.  They won the Grammy in 1978 for Best Country Vocal For A Duo Or Group.

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