There's a very good chance - make that a probability - that if you are of a certain advanced age, when you were little you had:

  • Leonard Slye Six-Shooters.
  • Leonard Slye Comic Books.
  • Saw Lots of Leonard Slye Movies.
  • And brought a Leonard Slye lunch box with you to school everyday.

What's that you say?  Who the heck is Leonard Slye? Well, he's Roy Rogers, of course!

The 'King Of The Cowboys' was a huge part of a lot of boys 'growing up' years.  Oh, and the girls weren't left out, either.  Their role model was Mrs. Roy Rogers, better known as Dale Evans.

From the first time Roy Rogers rode across the big screen in 1935, he placed himself firmly in the heart of millions of kids and adults around the country and around the world.

For six decades, he and Dale (and of course, his best friend in the world, his horse Trigger!) were in the movies, on television, and probably appeared somewhere close to you. They made thousands of personal appearances, from shopping malls to county fairs, delighting the ultra-famous to, well, to all of us.

Roy also had an incredible music career as well, both as a member of the legendary Sons of the Pioneers beginning in the 1930's, and as a solo artist.  And that's not to mention his duet's with wife Dale.

So whatever happened to the American Icon Roy Rogers?

Well, Roy passed away from congestive heart failure at the age of 86 in 1998.  His wife Dale passed away three years later.

But we can all say 'Thank you Roy and Dale!' and 'Happy Trails to you'!

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