'Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer'. OK, crank it up and let's all sing along to one of the greatest sing along songs in country music history!



Johnny Russell received a Grammy nomination for that hit, which pretty much became a staple on jukeboxes in every bar and honky-tonk in the country.

And did you know Johnny Russell wrote a Buck Owens 1963 Country Classic and that same song became a Beatles hit in 1965?

Yep, Johnny Russell penned the great 'Act Naturally'.

Oh, and he also wrote the 'B' side of the Jim Reeves classic 'He'll Have To Go', a song called 'In A Mansion Stands My Love'.

Oops, one more thing, remember George Strait's #1 'Let's Fall To Pieces Together'? Well, Johnny wrote that too! Not bad for a boy from Moorhead, Mississippi.

So whatever happened to Johnny Russell?

Well, as you may be able to tell from the video, Johnny had his challenges with his weight. He had his legs amputated in April of 2001 due to severe diabetes and died in July of that year from complications of diabetes. He was 61.


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