So what event in the history of Country Music broadened the listening (and buying) fan base more than anything else?

The 'Outlaw Movement'? Or maybe the explosion of Garth Brooks career? Both could be argued. But how about this...

When the smash hit movie 'Urban Cowboy' swept across the nation (and the world) in 1980, well, as Mel Tillis said, there were a lot of Coca-Cola cowboys born! Suddenly everyone wanted to wear a Cowboy Hat, and everyone wanted a nice pair of Cowboy Boots. The movie made millions and the soundtrack albums sold millions more.

Everyone wanted to travel down to a huge honky-tonk called 'Gilley's' and ride a mechanical bull. And everyone sang along with a smash called 'Lookin' For Love'. The question became, 'Who is the guy singing that??'



Well of course, the guy was Johnny Lee. To call 'Lookin' For Love' Johnny's signature song would be an understatement. Although Johnny has had a great country music career that includes the chart-toppers 'One In A Million' and 'Bet Your Heart On Me', it was 'Lookin' For Love' that dominated music (country and pop) for the latter half of 1980.

Johnny topped the charts with a total of 5 #1 hits.  In 2008 Johnny began playing in Branson, Mo.  At the age of 67, this Texan can look back with pride on his career!

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