The first-ever country music album to go platinum (a million copies sold) was 'The Outlaws' way back in the 1970s.  It was heralded as the beginning of the 'Outlaw Movement' in country music.  It took country music into a whole new territory.

So, who were these 'Outlaws' that were on the album?  Willie Nelson, of course.  And Waylon Jennings, both Country Music Hall of Famer's.  Tompall Glaser was also on that historic album.  And...

While many people remember Jessi as the wife of the late great Waylon Jennings, she wasn't riding on anyone's coattails.

Jessi was born Miriam Johnson in Phoenix, Arizona.  She began singing duet's with Waylon Jennings as far back as 1970 and Waylon was instrumental in getting her a recording contract with RCA.

But it was in 1975 with Capital Records that many of us were introduced to the terrific voice and talent of Jessi Colter.  Her debut single for the label, 'I'm Not Lisa' topped the country chart and was a Top 5 pop music smash as well.

More hit albums (Her 1975 album 'I'm Jessi Colter' topped the country music album chart and charted on the pop music album chart as well) and singles followed, including 'What's Happened To Blue Eyes', along with duet's with Waylon, like 'Storm's Never Last'.

On the personal side, Jessi was married to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Duane Eddy, divorcing in 1968.  She met and married Waylon in 1969 and remained married until Waylon's death in 2002.

So whatever happened to Jessi Colter?

In 2017 she released a memoir entitled An Outlaw And A Lady: A Memoir Of Music, Life With Waylon And The Faith That Brought Me Home. And while she may still occasionally record and perform, for the most part, at the age of 77, she's the proud mama of her and Waylon's son Shooter, a country star in his own right.

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