For five weeks in 1968 'Skip A Rope' topped the Country Music charts and became a Top 20 pop music hit as well.

The artist was an Oklahoma fella named Henson Cargill.

If you're not familiar with the song, it carried a message that resonated strongly in the late 1960s and still has an impact today and perhaps more so now than then.

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The song generated so much media attention that Henson was in demand on such shows as 'The Mike Douglas Show' and 'The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

After the phenomenon that was 'Skip A Rope', Henson had a handful of other hits, mostly minor in nature. He was never able to reach the heights again that 'Skip A Rope' had.

So whatever happened to Henson Cargill?

Well, in the late 1980s Henson retired to his Oklahoma birthplace. He passed away in 2007 during surgery at the age of 66.

But we do have 'Skip A Rope'. Watch the video here, listen to the message and enjoy Henson Cargill on stage.

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