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If you never heard of Gilley's, you're probably not familiar with Texas. And you're darn sure not a country music fan.

The world famous nightclub was the center of attraction in the movie Urban Cowboy in 1980. The place was co-owned and named after country music legend Mickey Gilley and located in Pasadena, Texas.

How it started is when club owner Sherwood Cryer invited Gilley to join him as a partner on an existing bar. Gilley requested that the club be remodeled. They soon became partners and the place was renamed Gilley's starting in 1971.

Later in 1989, Gilley and Cryer had a falling out, and Gilley's closed down. On July 5, 1990 an Arson fire attack destroyed the main building. Several fingers pointed to Cryer but he denied involvement.

The remaining structure stood standing until 2006, when it was demolished by the Pasadena Independent School District, its current owner.

Source: Wikipedia


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