Gee, who knew that the singer of two of the biggest hit's in 1960's country music was named Franklin Delano?

But that singer was named that...Franklin Delano Reeves.

But you and I, we know as as the great Del Reeves.

Born in Sparta, North Carolina, Del was named after...well, you know that already.

Del signed his first record contract in 1954, but as with so many artist's, national success was not immediate.  His first Top Ten country hit didn't happen until 1961 with 'Be Quiet Mind'.

But Del Reeves really 'blew the lid off' his career in 1965 as 'Girl On The Billboard' swept across the nation and became a huge #1 hit.



Other hit's followed, but then it was in 1968 that Del recorded what became a trucker's anthem, 'Looking At The World Through A Windshield'.

Del largely left the recording world in 1979 and became a very successful music executive.  In fact, he was instrumental in the signing of Billy Ray Cyrus to a national recording contract.

Del joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1966 and was a mainstay there for several years.  He passed away from emphysema on New Years Day 2007 at the age of 74.

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